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How long is the waiting list?
As of April 2021 ~ we do not have one!


What should my child wear for class?

Gymnasts starting out with us do not need to wear a leotard straight away! Leggings or shorts, and a t-shirt will be perfectly fine for starting out. After a term with us, we would expect all girls to be wearing a leotard (and shorts if you want), and all boys to be tidily dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, or a boys gymnastics leotard & shorts. ALL long hair must be tied back before class starts and ALL jewellery must be removed, or earrings taped up if can't be taken out yet. You must provide your own hair bobbles and earring tape for the class.


Are your classes insured?

Every gymnast in the club has to pay membership to Independent Gymnastics Association (IGA) and the club.

This is payable upon joining and renewable in September of every

year, and provides insurance for your gymnast, and us, whilst they're in the gym for classes. 

2022/2023 payments are £21 per gymnast.


What are your term dates?

All of our term dates can be found on the 'Term Dates' page of our website. We usually work in blocks of 10 weeks throughout the year, and will be closed for 2 weeks in August and for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year.

What will my child do in the lessons?

The class will start with a register, and then a group warm up will take place, led by one of our coaching team. Gymnasts will then be split into their groups, where they will go and work on 2 lots of apparatus, for 20 minutes on each. Coaches will then bring their group of gymnasts back to the floor area, where they will cool down and be dismissed.

The coaches work around a 6 week rotational basis, so all gymnasts get plenty of time to learn and improve their skills on each piece within the gym. The gymnasts will also work on elements of gymfit, strength & flex, as well as completing badge awards twice a year (Sept & March).

Are you open during the school holidays?

Yes! Our classes run normally throughout the entire year. We also run a holiday gym programme during the school holidays alongside our normal sessions.

More information can be found on this on our holiday programme page.

Are your coaches qualified?
All of our coaches are qualified, insured and enhanced DBS checked. There is always at least a level 2 coach in the gym, and our coaches qualifications range from core proficiency to level 3.
All the coaches are insured with IGA and hold
an emergency first aid qualification.
Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Our terms are usually 10 weeks long, and if we have spaces we do join new members mid way through the term.

The first session is payable as a taster session, and you will then pay for however many weeks are left in the term.


Can parents watch?

Yes, come on in through the FunHouse entrance in line with their opening hours.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?

We like our ratio to be 1 coach to 8 gymnasts and we work hard to keep to that.

We like our gymnasts to be busy doing not busy queueing.

How much does it cost?

Fees start at £5 per class for one hour per week and are chargeable in termly blocks.

The hourly rate drops the more hours your gymnast spends with us.

An option to pay by monthly direct debit is also available (please ask),

The club does not give refunds for sessions missed or non attendance.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons for our pre-school and recreational programme are 1 hour long, our improvers and squad sessions are 1 & 1/2 - 2 hours long.

How old do you have to be to start?

Fun4Baby ~ 8 weeks to toddling

Adult & Child sessions ~ confident toddler to 3 years old

Pre-school session ~ 3 years to full time school

Mini's ~ 4-6 years

Midi's ~ 7-9 years

Juniors ~ 10-12 years

Seniors ~ 13+

Where are you?

Cambrian Works, Oswestry SY11 1HS.

Park in the main car park and walk around to the courtyard at the back (go under the archway next to the Antiques Centre).

You will see our glamorous entrance shed where a cheerful welcome awaits.

If you plan on taking more than 30 minutes, please put your registration into our parking eye terminal - you then get 3 hours - if you don't, you will get a ticket.

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