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Cambrian Works

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Meet the team!

Our club's success is down to our dedicated team, and their endless hard work. All coaches are qualified, insured and CRB/DBS checked, and are passionate about helping everyone to love gymnastics!

Helene Cook

Gymnastics Manager

Level 4 Women's Artistic & Level 3 General Gymnastics Coach

Helene started gym when she was 6, and continued until the age of 12. When Christine started the club, Helene started her coaching career at the age of 18. She then took over the gym club in January 2000 from Christine, where we were based at the Marches and Oswestry School sports centres. In the October of 2004, the club moved to it's own premises, allowing us to design the space how we wanted. In 2013, the club moved to an even bigger space, allowing us to expand further. Helene has worked tirelessly, along with the coaching team, to get the club to where we are today, a wonderfully friendly environment for everyone to learn.


Chris Moss

Level 2 General Gymnastics & Men's Artistic Coach, Free-G/Free Running Coach

Chris has been coaching with us for 4 years, and is the definite joker of the club! As well as coaching the boys improvers class at the club, he has a big part to play in creating routines for our summer displays. In his spare time he is also a competitive cheerleader, and has a strong love for odd socks!!

Katy Evans

Level 2 Women's Artistic Coach

Katy is the other half of our wonderful twin duo, who also knows everything about everyone in the club! Together they are a fountain of knowledge! Katy has also been at the club since she was 7, and still attends adult gym sessions. She's been a coach here for 5 years now, and has the lovely job of badge queen throughout the year!

Kate Wilson

Level 2 Women's Artistic & Disability Coach

Kate started training when she was just 7 years old, and stayed with us right up to the age of 18, where she continued with adult gym. She has around 20 years experience coaching, and has just recently completed a masters degree in physiotherapy.

Jess Roberts

Level 2 Women's Artistic Coach

Jess has been coaching at the gym club for 10 years now, after starting gymnastics around 20 years ago. She now works full time at the local hospital, and does some extra coaching in her spare time.

Emily Jones

Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach

Emily has been coaching at the club now for 3 years, and did gym herself for 10 years. she is currently at college studying business, maths and chemistry and coaches at the gym 2 days a week

Kate Richardson

Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach

Kate has been doing gymnastics since she was 8, and has only recently stopped training. She has been coaching now for 4 years, alongside studying health and social care at college.

Libby Ring

Core Proficiency Coach

Libby started doing gymnastics 12 years ago, and is still training and competing now. She is due to start sixth form in September to study psychology and business studies, and will continue to coach in her spare time.

Christine Barre

Christine started the gymnastics club back in the September of 1991, where it was run in a small sports hall. After Helene taking over in 2000, Christine has still been heavily involved with the running of the club, working a lot on the administrative side of things.


Kelly Clarke

Level 2 Women's Artistic Coach

Kelly started her coaching career when she was 13 with Christine, and continued until the age of 18. After a break, she came back to coach with Helene in 2010, where she has taken on the responsibility of organising display squads in the summer, and coaching the gym fusion squad throughout the year. Kelly started doing gymnastics herself when she was just 4 years old, with floor and vault being her favourite, and still continues to do adult gym now!

Amy Evans

Level 2 Women's Artistic Coach

Amy is one half of our wonderful twin duo here at the club. She has been coaching for 5 years, and has been doing gym ever since she was 7. She is still a regular member at our adult gym sessions, and knows almost every single gymnast in the club!

Zoe Calloway

Level 2 Women's Artistic & Disability Coach

Zoe is another of our ex-gymnasts, who trained and competed from the ages of 4 to 18.  She has been coaching now for 3 years at the club, after previously doing some coaching here as well whilst a teenager. She now runs a special gym class for children with disabilities once a month alongside her usual coaching hours.


Laura Robbins

Level 2 General Gymnastics Coach

Laura started doing gym at he age of 4, and still comes to the adult gym sessions now. She started helping in classes when she was 12, and completed her first coaching award when she was 14. She has now been coaching for 9 years, and is currently doing her level 3 theory. Laura also works full time at a local forest school, working at the pre-school there.

Holly Jones

Level 2 Women's Artistic Coach

Holly has been a member of the club since 2005, training and competing as a gymnast herself. She was one of the original gym-fusion squad members, and has been coaching for 4 years at the club. 

Fiona Newman

Level 2 General Gymnastics Coach

Fiona has been doing gymnastics at the club since she was 6 years old, and is still doing the adult classes now! She is currently doing her level 2 coaching award, alongside studying PE and sports coaching at university.

Julia Jones

Level 4 Trampoline Coach

Julia joined the club 4 years ago, adding to her experience of 30 years. Julia competed herself when she was younger, becoming Welsh Schools' Champion and reaching a high British ranking. She still has a sneaky go every now and again too!

Olivia Fox 

Core Proficiency Coach

Olivia is still one of our current gymnasts, having started training 12 years ago. She has been coaching for 1 1/2 years alongside her training and school. She is going to college in September to study Animal Management.

Helen Jones

Club Welfare Officer

Helen is a parent of a gymnast at the club, as well as being our Welfare Officer. Any problems or complaints are dealt with officially through her, where she passes on the information to the appropriate places/people.