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Posted from a thread being shared by many colleagues and clubs and organisations in the UK and further afield. Original author credit to ; Jason Silverman

Dear Parents,

It's most certainly a crazy time right now. Fear, uncertainty and a definite lack of clarity seem to be placing a haze over almost everything at the moment, right? Covid has changed EVERYTHING.

Not sure if you've taken a moment to think about your kids' coaches, teachers and instructors lately. While most are putting up a pretty damn good front, I want to share some brutal honesty with you.

Through a few of my companies, I work directly with owners, managers and coaches in the gymnastics, martial arts, dance, cheer, and music industries...and I've gotta tell ya...

They're on the ropes. Each and every day I get another notification about more schools/gyms/academies that have closed for good.

They are cleaning and sanitizing and temperature taking and scrubbing and reducing class sizes and then cleaning again...

You need not be Albert Einstein to understand that the numbers simply don't add up. You can't teach less members, while employing more people and buying even more sanitizing product with the constant threat of being shut down...and expect to thrive.

Here's my ask to you:

If your kiddo's school, gym, studio, whatever has helped to make a positive impact on their lives...

If your kiddo's school, gym, studio, whatever serves as a "home away from home"...

If your kiddo's school, gym, studio, whatever bends over backwards to help them succeed...

I implore...no...I BEG you to help them survive as well.

-- Keep your kiddos enrolled.

-- If only virtual classes are offered...take them and participate.

-- Support the business however you can (buy some retail, buy some gift certificates, share their social media posts, send them a social proof video, speak kindly about them online)

-- Check in on them (I promise you that not nearly enough people do this.)

-- Realize and understand that nobody wants life to return back to a normal normal than they do.

-- Remember, very few people open a gymnastics club, dance studio, martial arts academy, cheer gym, music school, whatever...with the express goal of becoming a gazillionaire. They do it because they're passionate about helping YOUR KIDS to succeed.

Keep in mind, if we want all of these places to be here "when covid is done and gone," we've gotta help that happen.

May I ask that YOU are a part of the solution?

I thank you for your help in advance. Let's keep making this world a better place, shall we?


What an amazing place to

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